Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeons 
Orthopaedic Specialists in Melbourne

Welcome to Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeons (MOS).  We are a group of dedicated Orthopaedic Surgeons who specialise in a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions especially of the hip, knee, shoulder, foot and ankle, bone and soft tissue tumours and paediatrics.

Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeons is centrally located at :

170 Gipps St in East Melbourne, Victoria

We also have a wide geographical presence in Melbourne including the:

* East (Kew to Blackburn)

* South East (Waverley to Berwick)

* West (Footscray to Sunbury)

* North (North Melbourne to Bundoora)

Our Surgeons

Mr Otis Wang

Foot Ankle Knee

For appointments, call  9928 6969


For appointments, call  9928 6970


Please contact our surgeons below if you would like more information or to make an appointment at

Mr Brett Jackson

Hip Knee Shoulder

At MOS, our aim is to provide the best orthopaedic care for our patients. We will attentively listen to your concerns, make a balanced assessment of your condition and give you the best options for treatment including non-operative options and surgery if indicated.

Mr De Juan Ng

Hip Knee, Trauma

For appointments, call  9928 6979


Mr Sasha Roshan

Foot Ankle, Hip Knee, Trauma

For appointments, call  9928 6975